Oyster Bar Set-Up + Shucking Professional


Whether you're having a wedding, a fun party, an office get together or you're organizing a music festival, we're happy to provide delicious oysters for your event. We bring years of experience sourcing oysters and expertly shucking them for our customers.

We can serve most locations in Los Angeles County.

Shucks Oyster Bar started in 2011, and we've been featured in farmers markets, music festivals, high end bars and elsewhere. Our oysters come from both Eastern and Western Canada, Washington State, New Zealand and other locations, depending on the season. 

Please contact us about specific pricing for your event.


Delivery of Trays of Oysters + Condiments & Lemons

$45 to $80 per dozen Oysters, depending on species and market rate. Possible minimum order depending on delivery distance.

Pick-up Trays of Oysters

$35 Available from all Farmers Market Locations. Please phone ahead to place an order.